Thomas Kolbe


Creating useful digital representations of our cities requires the modeling of both the spatial as well as the semantic characteristics of the urban environment. Different applications as well as data acquisition methods strongly impact the choice of the most appropriate modeling paradigms. The talk highlights the modeling approaches of semantic 3D city models and Building Information Modeling as they are used worldwide today within Urban Digital Twins. Furthermore, the challenges of fusing information from different models will be addressed.


Thomas H. Kolbe is Full Professor and Chair of Geoinformatics at Technical University of Munich, Germany. His main research interests lie in the fields of virtual 3D city, landscape, and building information modelling; 3D GIS; city system modelling and digital urban twins; spatial data infrastructures; Smart Cities and Smart Rural Areas; indoor navigation; information theory; and object recognition. Prof. Kolbe is initiator and one of the principal developers of the CityGML standard for urban information modelling and the interoperable exchange of semantic 3D city models in the Open Geospatial Consortium. He has also been architect in the development of the OGC IndoorGML standard for indoor navigation.

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